Project team success

Paving the way to a world-class Global Network Operations Center

In the dynamic world of the telecom industry, seamless integration and collaboration are key to success. This rings true for one of Aspire’s long-term clients, a global telecommunications operator, as they embark on a journey to integrate Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) and Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to work hand in hand. The goal is to enhance the processes and tools to achieve world-class KPIs for Technology and IT support across all managed markets.

Aspire team conducted an assessment of the capability of GNOC, TAC, and IT support in terms of processes, tools, and competence. The analysis aimed at identifying areas of improvement and proposing solutions for a more efficient and effective operation. Here are some of the key activities and solutions highlighted in the report:

  • Enhancing Change Process: While the current change process has control and structure, by improving flexibility and user-friendliness, the operator can ensure smoother transitions and adaptability to changing demands.
  • Simplified Node and Site onboarding: The manual onboarding process for new nodes and sites can lead to incomplete data, creating gaps that hinder the surveillance team’s ability to reach out to the appropriate support teams. By optimizing this process, the operator can eliminate data discrepancies and improve overall efficiency.
  • Improving Key Tools Performance: Some key tools used by the GNOC and TAC have performance constraints, frequently experiencing hang-ups or restarts. By addressing these issues, the operator can boost productivity and reduce downtime.
  • Standardizing IT Monitoring Process: The maturity levels of IT monitoring processes significantly between markets. By standardizing these processes, the operator can ensure consistency and reliability across all hubs.
  • Developing an Agreed IT Monitoring Strategy: Known deficits in IT monitoring can be mitigated by creating a well-defined and agreed-upon IT monitoring strategy. This approach can help the operator to meet his monitoring needs more effectively.

The benefits of such an assessment are immense. The client’s management team now possesses independent and actionable improvement recommendations for processes and tools that will drive organizational efficiency. As the world of telecom industry and technology continues to evolve, the success of any organization lies in its ability to adapt and transform. By integrating GNOC and TAC, our client is taking a proactive step towards staying ahead of the game and providing top-notch support to its customers.

Collaboration is a vital aspect of any successful project, allowing partners with different skills, perspectives, and expertise to work together towards a common goal. We are thankful to our client for yet another successful project and a long-term partnership, which is the foundation for future joint undertakings and success in the ever-changing world of telecommunications.