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Our consultancy team is available to review your organisation and ensure you choose the right technology strategy for your business needs. We audit your practices and network performance and offer solutions that reduce costs, re-engineer processes, and help you truly realise the value of your network.

Have you observed?

  • Challenging business environment and continuous market demand for differentiation and new services
  • Many technology options with unclear business case
  • Need to reduce costs and carefully assess all technology choices to keep competitiveness

We’ve been supporting our customers to:

  • Select most suited services to introduce and respective launch strategy, given your business objectives and assets
  • Assess strategic technology options supported by tailored business cases developed by our Principle Consultants
  • Manage RFx technical requirements to best support business decisions



fibre expansion business case for major city


processes definition 
for greenfield 


technical management for radio vendor 

Have you observed?

  • High utilisation of network resources preventing the safe introduction of VoLTE, IoT or 5G
  • Outdated knowledge, processes and tools heavily reliant on manual work
  • Need to reduce OpEx and keep with pre-defined CapEx for continuous network evolution

We’ve been supporting our customers to:

  • Optimise spectrum, energy consumption and other network resources to free up capacity to introduce new services
  • Define an automation roadmap including re-engineering of processes to reduce OpEx of network operations
  • Sunset legacy technologies to free up OpEx and CapEx for future investments



refarmed for 4G service launch


reengineered processes with
 available tools


saving on energy consumption

Have you observed?

  • High complexity and vendor inter dependencies to launch VoLTE, VoWiFi, IoT or 5G
  • Poor performance of new services upon service launch resulting in slow service adoption
  • No understanding of VoLTE, VoWiFi, IoT or 5G business cases and best possible launch strategies

We’ve been supporting our customers to:

  • Manage complexity of multi-system and multi-vendor environments making use of automated troubleshooting tools
  • Achieve best possible performance for new services commercial launch
  • Define strategies to launch new services that make most business sense for your specific case



improvement on coverage on 


improvement on complaints resolution on FWA


improvement on call drop rate on 

Have you observed?

  • Network performance being an important factor for customer acquisition and customer retention
  • No performance benchmarking knowledge and which areas have the biggest impact for end-users
  • Costly performance benchmark reliant on drive tests not reflecting end-user experience

We’ve been supporting our customers to:

  • Use their network performance achievements in marketing campaigns
  • Get frequent and free of charge network audits to highlight which areas are more urgent for improvement
  • Use alternative and rich data sources to automate the performance reporting and action planning process



to receive your audit & benchmark


in group 


operators in quarterly audit &

Have you observed?

  • Your competitors launching features and services ahead of you
  • Big disconnect between network operations and software design
  • High OpEx to upgrade and update software

We’ve been supporting our customers to:

  • Evolve operations to continuous deployment & DevOps
  • Take advantage of latest available features and improve network efficiency and performance
  • Reduce costs with automated framework for testing, upgrade, performance management and feedback to design



average RAN SW R&D & optimisation experience


operators support on continuous deployment


software delivered on time & 
on budget

Have you observed?

  • No knowledge of new technologies, including multi-system and multi-vendor dependencies
  • No ability to design, test, troubleshoot or optimise the performance of new technologies and services
  • Need of specific competence development constrained by OpEx and training budgets

We’ve been supporting our customers to:

  • Design bespoke and efficient competence development programs with views to empower their teams
  • Inject specific functional competence with individuals or teams for pre-defined periods
  • Train on-the-job with our experts and develop the required skillsets while running day-to-day operations



reduction of 
required capacity 


increase on 
4G downlink 
data speed


improvement on 
call drop rate on 

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