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Energy consumption has been an important topic for operators, not only due to the weight it puts on the operational expenditure but also on the focus the telecoms industry is putting on reducing their emissions due to the impacts of climate change.

This is even more challenging because of increased data consumption and related 4G expansions and 5G deployments that are putting even more demand on energy consumption.

Moreover, the current energy crisis is not only increasing energy costs, with operators paying more for each KWH, as governments are actively taking measures to lower or restrict energy consumption across multiple industries including telecommunications.

While network vendors have introduced features to manage energy more efficiently, the actual savings are limited, and attempts to increase them often conflict with performance goals.

With its deep vendor-independent network technology knowledge, and heritage in developing real-time energy efficiency solutions, Aspire Technology developed Aspire NetZero – a software-based intelligent solution to reduce energy consumption by multiplying the vendor feature savings by 3 to 6-fold.

Aspire NetZero supports operators to deliver:

  • Continuous reduction of energy consumption and its drivers, managing anomalies, and rectifying issues as they arise,
  • Focusing on extracting greater efficiencies from existing infrastructure and facilities.

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