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Aspire Technology transforms end-to-end network support, reducing operator’s costs while improving customer experience in three key domains:

Level 2: Proactive Support reduces support costs significantly by introducing a one stop shop for multi-system & multi-vendor network support. Our solution centralizes vendor management and inter-vendor troubleshooting. Focusing on proactive measures, Aspire leverages AI supported analytics to automate health checks, prevent network outages, resolve issues faster and substantially reduce dependency on traditional and costly Level 3 vendor support.

Level 1: NOC to SOC Evolution elevates operators’ Level 1 support Network Operations Center (NOC) to the next level of the Service Operations Center (SOC) by introducing customer experience and service performance management into the front-office and back-office moving away from the traditional fault-oriented NOCs.

Aspire’s services and tools include operation enhancement with single centralized view of the network and services, multi-NOC to global NOC centralization, systems/tools consolidation, process simplification and re-engineering using AI powered analytics to achieve optimal and cost-effective 24×7 network and service monitoring.

Field: Intelligent Operations Management integrates field and SOC processes by using AI based analytics to implement intelligent preventive and corrective maintenance while managing the field teams through geo-based tools and mobile apps to optimize operation efficiency and reduce costs.


Disrupting network operations in multi-vendor environments: Increase control of the network operations while lowering OPEX

Telecom operators are challenged by the constant growth in network complexity driven by multi-system and multi-vendor dependencies which create time-consuming and complex troubleshooting scenarios. To find out how Aspire can help read our latest whitepaper.

Success story

Orange is the New Black: Establishing a New Network Operations Standard

Aspire Technology has been supporting operators in achieving considerable improvement of their network operations while reducing costs and increasing service quality for their subscribers.

The challenge taken by Aspire Technology was to come up with a new model for network support for a multi-country operator that would be proactive, less costly and more efficient.