Technology Strategy - Aspire: Perfecting Networks

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Technology Strategy

Have you observed?

  • Lack of knowledge to define technology evolution strategies for Telco Cloud, VoLTE, IoT, 5G, Open RAN​
  • Difficulty in sunsetting legacy RAN technologies leading to continued CAPEX and OPEX limitations
  • Regulators imposing user experience target with new spectrum license awards

We’ve been supporting our customers to:

  • Define optimal technology evolution strategy in line with existing network assets and desired use / business case​
  • Define optimal strategy to shutdown 2G and 3G with minimized impact for end users​
  • Define strategies to meet new spectrum license user experience targets with optimal investments



Open RAN strategy review of Tier-1 Group​


2G and 3G sites shutdown ​

5 weeks

to assess actions and business case to meet licence obligation​