Technology Strategy - Aspire: Perfecting Networks

Aspire Technology is now part of NEC!

Permanent growth of the traffic from one side, and increasing user experience requirements from another, puts a lot of pressure on smart investments in telecommunication infrastructure more than ever. Aspire supports Mobile Network Operators and Private Networks along the whole investment journey with top expertise and innovative solutions, without any vendor agenda. Vast experience in mobile networks R&D, strategic consulting, network design and planning, operations, and performance optimization is embedded in our portfolio of services that aim to support our partners to reach their business goals with optimal CapEx and maximized ROI.

Three segments of our portfolio that address different phases/stages of this journey are presented below:

  1. Technology Strategy Consulting, with a goal to set the winning strategy, in terms of spectrum assets, implemented technology, and applied solutions.
  2. CapEx Optimization Consulting, with a goal to optimize the investments based on performance forecasting and what-if analysis.
  3. Network Planning & Design Services, with a goal to execute the strategy through high-level network design and low-level network design, in a way that secures most benefits of deployed technology solutions and defers the need for further investments.

Our consultants are dedicated to providing comprehensive information about the modules and actively engaging with our partners to carefully design and deliver a customized solution tailored to their specific needs. For more information you can reach our consulting team: