Project team success

4G and 5G rollout implementation management project

A European subsidiary of a Tier-1 Telco Group with an extensive global presence in the telecommunications industry requested Aspire to provide support for their 4G and 5G rollout implementation project that encompassed three focus areas:

  1. License and script management:
    Our team managed the licenses and scripts for the project, including the request and update of site licenses, and cart requests for new network software and baseband types. We updated scripts based on new baselines, hardware, software, and special configurations, ensuring that all necessary elements were in place for a successful deployment.
  2. Customer support:
    We provided expert fault review and troubleshooting support to ensure that any issues were identified and addressed in a timely manner. Our team also provided escalation and follow-up in case of any transmission issues during the integration process. We were also responsible for activating and troubleshooting emergency licenses due to any issues that may arise during and after integration.
  3. Additional activities:
    Our team provided 5G-wide activation support for existing sites and was responsible for the deployment of special event sites. This involved preparing new integration scripts from complex configuration analysis and coordinating with different vendor departments for new licenses cart creation and delivery. We also took quick action on any last-minute configuration changes requested by the client, ensuring that the project was delivered successfully and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Our team collaborated closely with the technical teams of both the operator and vendor to ensure that the project was executed with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, meeting all the deliverables within the stipulated time frame.

As a result of our joint efforts, the client’s expectations were exceeded with the successful and on time execution the network coverage improvement and network benchmark score improvement plan. Moreover, seven special events were covered throughout the country with over thirty integrations, achieving an important milestone for the operator by delivering seamless 4G and 5G coverage and quality of service at these significant events.

We congratulate all teams involved for their tremendous efforts and successful execution of this project. It is a significant milestone for the operator that undoubtedly have had a positive impact on the user experience, enabling better connectivity and faster speeds, paving the way for future advancements.