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Get ready to build private 5G networks with Cisco and NEC

Implementing a 5G private network offers enterprises significant benefits such as operational efficiency and customized solutions but it comes with challenges such as technical complexity and high costs. Cisco and NEC Aspire held a webinar to address these aspects and showcase an end-to-end solution based on Cisco and NEC Aspire offerings, with a special focus on the deployment and operation of private 5G networks for enterprises.

Aspire was part of this event to showcase how it can support enterprises to overcome the knowledge gap in 3GPP standards that are necessary to cost-efficiently deploy, operate, and monetize 5G private networks.

, Get ready to build private 5G networks with Cisco and NEC

NEC Aspire offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for private 5G networks, that can be offered as a managed service. This solution is based on Cisco’s private 5G offering and includes various services like planning, designing, and deploying the 5G private network fully integrated with the enterprise infrastructure, catering to specific enterprise use cases with both traditional and Open RAN options. NEC Aspire has developed and tested various blueprints with Cisco’s core network, ensuring a robust and reliable implementation.

NEC Aspire also provides extensive support services, including second and third-line network operations to address complex technical and interworking issues. Additional value-added services are available, such as software development tailored to specific enterprise needs and leveraging NEC’s industry solutions in areas like security and smart products.

While the implementation of a private 5G network poses technical and financial challenges for enterprises venturing for the first time in 5G the potential benefits in terms of realizing tailored use cases with high performance, security, and operational efficiency are substantial. Enterprises considering this move should weigh these factors carefully and seek expert guidance to navigate the complexities involved.

To explore tailored 5G solutions and understand how your business can benefit from a private 5G network, access the 5G private network webinar recording or reach out to us for detailed consultations.