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5G unboxing, Aspire Competence Development Program for successful introduction of new technology

The world is on the brink of a major telecommunications shift with the advent of 5G technology, and our long-term client, a local member of the European telecom Group Operator is ensuring it is ready for the leap. Recently, Aspire consultants hosted an immersive training program for operator’s employees, to introduce the complexity of 5G and its deployment strategies.

The training had multiple objectives. Firstly, it aimed to enhance the operator team’s competence, ensuring a theoretical knowledge boost, but also providing a strong empirical component to obtain a firm grip on analyzing solutions from various vendors, assessing different 5G deployment options, and interworking with existing (LTE) technologies. This holistic approach aimed to empower our client team to make more informed decisions on the 5G deployment strategy definition and get ready for the upcoming spectrum auction, which is the first milestone.

The training program provided a comprehensive framework for understanding 5G’s capabilities, the company’s requirements, and how to bridge potential gaps. The focus was not just on the technology but on the broader perspective of deployment, ensuring the operator was ready to navigate the complexities of 5G implementation. Furthermore, it included the tools and knowledge necessary to define the winning strategy, ensuring that they are at the forefront of the 5G revolution in the local market.

, 5G unboxing, Aspire Competence Development Program for successful introduction of new technology

The client’s feedback was excellent, highlighting the program’s meticulous attention to detail and the carefully curated material. The training struck a fine balance between theoretical knowledge, practical insights, and real-world experiences from other projects.

The final words from the operator Head of Planning and Optimization department were particularly encouraging, underscoring the value of the training:

„We want to thank you for everything, the level of detail and the selected material were just right.

If we were choosing ourselves the scope of the training, covered topics and format, we certainly would not have been able to choose better than this. There will be opportunities to do a lot more in the coming period.

Thank you very much for the highly professional work and strong dedication of your experts!“

We are thankful for the opportunity to once more contribute to the success of our long-term client and partner, this time through a tailor-made training program.

By acquiring both theoretical and practical competence development and deployment strategy, the operators will be in a better position to embrace the opportunities and challenges that 5G technology brings. Aspire is committed to continuing to provide value through our services, solutions, and software tools, ensuring that our clients remain at the cutting edge of telecommunications technology.