, Aspire at international IEEE conference TELSIKS 2023 Serbia

Aspire at international IEEE conference TELSIKS 2023 Serbia

The 16th International Conference on Advanced Technologies, Systems, and Services in Telecommunications – TELSIKS was held in Nis, Serbia on October 25-27. This event acts as a high-level scientific forum for international researchers and practitioners working in all areas of telecommunications to present and observe the latest research, results, and ideas in these areas. 

Aspire had the privilege to present a paper on “Advanced Spectral Efficiency Analytics for 5G/NR Performance Analysis” whose authors are our radio experts from the Belgrade office: Igor Tomic, Uros Savkovic, and Djordje Tesic.  

The areas covered by the white paper are: 

  • 5G Performance drivers: 
    • Spectral Efficiency drivers in 5G/NR systems 
    • 5G/NR vs LTE Spectral Efficiency 
    • Spectral Efficiency measurements in 5G/NR 
  • Cell Performance Signature (CPS):
    • Band Performance Signature as a spectral efficiency metric 
  • Advanced 5G/NR Live Network Analysis:
    • Band Performance Signature audit outcomes 
    • MIMO Performance Assessment 
    • Underperforming carrier and reasons behind 

The presentation was delivered by our colleague, Uros Savkovic, who talked about advanced spectral efficiency as a driver for troubleshooting and assessment of user experience. He shared with the audience a short review of the methodology for assessing spectral efficiency in 5G/NR systems, as well as examples of network performance analysis from commercially deployed networks, in complex three-layer deployment scenario.  

Uros Savkovic also shared his impressions after the event: 

“Representing my company, NEC Aspire Technology, I was able to showcase our commitment to innovation and exchange groundbreaking ideas with fellow professionals. The discussions were truly eye-opening.

I’m grateful for the support of my colleagues, mentors, and the invaluable experiences that continue to shape my professional growth. Looking forward to the exciting challenges ahead!”

We are proud of all our young talented engineers who are building Aspire’s bright future together with their senior expert colleagues. We cheer up all of them to keep up that great pace, their passion for knowledge, and their contagious enthusiasm.