Project team success

Boosting network capacity with seamless integration of new sites

As traffic grows, certain network areas become congested, leading to diminished speeds for users and other user experience impacts. Recognizing the need to address this issue to bolster network capacity and remain the market leader, timely planning and integration of new sites became imperative for one of our long-term clients, a telecom operator Group with a global presence.

Integrating new 4G sites across various bands on a live network poses significant challenges across technical, logistical, and operational domains, which requires attention to detail to avert compatibility issues and performance degradation. Additionally, managing interference between sites operating on different frequency bands is pivotal for sustaining network reliability and signal integrity, requiring sophisticated interference mitigation techniques.

Despite the complexities of such a project, the positive outcomes were substantial. By strategically deploying additional sites, not only network capacity but also coverage was increased, particularly in underserved areas. This expansion and the updated processes elevated service quality, accommodating a much larger user base and enhanced overall performance.

The 4G sites integration project, executed by the Aspire team, involved a series of tasks to optimize network functionality. These tasks included updating the RND documents, integrating the 4G cells, aligning parameters, and conducting comprehensive post-integration health checks, KPIs reporting, and optimizing performance post-integration. Leveraging the combination of existing tools from our client as well as Aspire’s, the integration process was seamlessly executed within the agreed timeline, ensuring minimal disruptions to network operations and end users.

Total data volume on additional capacity sites increased by 66%, while DL average throughput increased by an impressive 95%. Additionally, PRB utilization improved remarkably by 25%. Encouraged by these positive results, the operator is now expanding the project to cover more sites and make it a continuous process with Aspire’s Smart CapEx methodology, part of Aspire’s ATAP Software Solution, further enhancing network performance and user experience.

Aspire is thankful to be part of a project that underscores the importance of proactive network management in delivering the best possible user experience to end users. We are looking forward to continuing working with this client on perfecting their network in the future.