Project team success

Capacity solutions assessment for Group Operator in Africa

Aspire consulting team embarked on a critical project in Africa to provide a Group Operator with a comprehensive assessment of two alternative Radio Access Network (RAN) capacity solutions. The objective was to deliver an independent evaluation that would assist the Group Operator in making an informed decision about their capacity expansion strategy. The two RAN vendors involved in this assessment were offering distinct solutions: a 6-sector deployment and a massive MIMO beamforming-based 4-sector split. 

To ensure an accurate evaluation, our team conducted a comprehensive study in one of the local operations that aligned with the Group Operator’s requirements. The study took into consideration several crucial aspects, including capacity, spectral efficiency, user experience, and radio coverage. It was imperative to provide a holistic analysis that would account for all relevant factors impacting the Group Operator’s network performance. 

To accomplish this, we employed a combination of specialized testing and analysis techniques. Drive tests, which involved physically traversing various locations to measure network performance, were conducted to gather valuable real-world data. Deep dives into the network’s performance were performed using Aspire’s proprietary Cell Performance Signature (CPS) methodology, which allowed for a detailed understanding of the network’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, traditional Performance Management (PM) data analytics were employed to further analyze the network’s performance indicators. 

The rigorous testing and analysis yielded conclusive results, providing valuable insights into the performance of the two alternative RAN capacity solutions. The findings were presented to the Group Operator and local operation representatives, but also shared with experts from both RAN vendors. This approach ensured transparency and allowed for an open dialogue between all parties involved. 

The outcome of the project was a clear and unbiased recommendation for the Group Operator’s capacity expansion strategy. Based on the results and insights obtained, Aspire’s consulting team delivered a comprehensive report outlining the strengths and weaknesses of both the 6-sector deployment and the massive MIMO beamforming-based 4-sector split. The report highlighted the trade-offs, potential benefits, and risks associated with each solution, enabling the Group Operator to make an informed decision aligned with their specific requirements and long-term goals. 

The successful execution of this project was made possible by the exceptional expertise and collaboration of all involved. The team at Aspire demonstrated their deep understanding of technology strategy consulting, conducting a comprehensive study using various methodologies. The active participation of the Group Operator, local operation representatives, and experts from the RAN vendors fostered transparency and facilitated an open exchange of ideas. Together, they provided the Group Operator with a clear and unbiased recommendation, paving the way for improved network performance and a better user experience.  

Aspire’s successful delivery of the Technology Strategy Consulting service showcased our expertise and ability to provide valuable guidance in complex technological decision-making processes. The project’s positive outcome further solidified our reputation as a trusted partner in assisting companies across the globe in maximizing the potential of their network infrastructure.