Project team success

Enhancing end-user experience with Network Optimization

Prioritizing the end-user experience is vital for a telecom operator as it directly influences customer satisfaction, retention, brand reputation, competitive advantage, revenue generation, and efficient adaptation to technological changes in a highly competitive and dynamic market.  

For our long-term client, a Tier-1 Group mobile operator, Aspire performed an audit that revealed that mobility management-related parameters were not aligned with the latest optimized settings, posing challenges for network performance and traffic balancing. 

Addressing this issue head-on, we took on the task of realigning mobility configurations according to the Group baseline. Notably, the configuration shift from Event A5 to A4 for inter-frequency handovers and a substantial reduction in LTE to UMTS IRAT handovers were identified as key improvements. 

The positive impact on end-users was profound, with a 32% increase in user DL throughput, a 41% improvement in IP latency, and a remarkable 81% reduction in LTE to UMTS IRAT handovers. This translates to a significantly enhanced end-user experience, marking a successful milestone in network optimization. 

Moving forward, the success of the project opens opportunities for further enhancements. The next steps involve a continued exploration of various aspects to improve network performance, including parameter tuning, the application of enhanced mobility strategies, and the activation of new features. As the journey towards an optimal end-user experience unfolds, the commitment to ongoing improvement remains at the forefront, ensuring that users in the addressed market enjoy the best possible connectivity and service quality. 

We are thankful for the opportunity to continue collaboration and foster a long-term partnership with such a valued client, this time through a successful network optimization project.