Project team success

Successful Cloud support engagement

Together with a long-term System Integration partner, Aspire successfully finished a Cloud support engagement project for one of the largest entertainment and telecommunications operators in the United Kingdom 

Due to the client’s decision to swap the existing Cloud infrastructure from one vendor to a new one, the main challenge was to renew the certificates of the old platform within a very tight deadline. In the case that the certificates weren’t renewed on time, all GUIs/HTTPS components would not be available anymore and many systems would not be able to be operated and monitored daily – which would negatively affect millions of users. 

The Aspire Cloud support team took the task of renewing all certificates and preparing MOPs for each component and each instance, nearly 100 certificates in total. The timeplan was made based on the expiry dates and the importance of the systems involved, and all planned activities needed to be done within 12 maintenance windows.  

During the project, the team encountered different issues and challenges. Activities needed to be started before full remote access was enabled by our client, which prolonged the overall duration of the renewal process. Certification renewal procedure also required mandatory restart on many components for changes to take effect, but those restarts have on several occasions revealed hidden problems which had to be resolved without compromising timely delivery. 

Despite all the challenges, the project was successfully completed one day before deadline, which was very well received by the end client 

“Amazing news – thanks for all the hard work, attention to detail, and fantastic perseverance in troubleshooting and ensuring stability on the platform.” 

We congratulate the whole team involved in this project, both from Aspire and our System Integration partner, on this success story and we look forward to future Cloud support service opportunities with existing and new clients.