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Transforming LTE Networks: The NetZero Energy Application Trial

For Eastern European national operator, Moldcell, seeking to address the pressing issues of high energy consumption and operational costs, Aspire run a trial of its AI/ML powered energy saving App, Aspire NetZero. The primary goal? To optimize energy usage with a zero-touch software application without compromising network performance, setting the scene for a more sustainable and cost-effective telecommunications infrastructure. 

The trial began with the selection of a focused cluster representative of the network, strategically chosen to serve as a proof of concept. Over three weeks, the Aspire NetZero App was deployed in a closed-loop mode, introducing dynamic adjustments to sleep settings based on real-time traffic load and trained machine learning models. This innovative approach ensured that energy consumption was finely tuned to meet demand, minimizing wastage while maintaining an optimal user experience. 

The continuous benchmarking of performance and savings played a crucial role in evaluating the effectiveness of the solution, with use experience and energy usage tracked before and after the implementation of the Aspire NetZero App. The results? A 10% reduction in weekly energy consumption and no customer impact within the trial cluster was observed, which confirmed substantial cost savings potential for the operator when applied network wide 

The trial revealed significant improvements in total cell sleep time, a key indicator of operational efficiency. On weekdays, sleep time tripled, while weekends saw a sixfold increase, highlighting the adaptability and responsiveness of Aspire NetZero App to varying usage patterns. Importantly, despite extended sleep times, end-users experienced uninterrupted connectivity, confirming the success of the trial in balancing sustainability with service quality. Furthermore, the Aspire NetZero App reduced sleep time on some cells where default settings turned out to be too aggressive, which improved network performance.  

Overall, Aspire NetZero App achieved the perfect balance between demands for good user experience and sustainable electricity bills and OpEx.  

“As CTO of Moldcell, I’m excited to share the results of Aspire NetZero App trial, which successfully reduced weekly energy consumption by up to 10% across a focused cluster of 11 LTE sites. Using dynamic, real-time adjustments with the NetZero App, we achieved significant increase in network sleep times during both weekdays and weekends while maintaining excellent service quality for our customers. With these results, we’re eager to continue our collaboration to expand sustainable network practices, driving further energy efficiency while ensuring seamless connectivity.” – Adela Dorofei

Extrapolating Aspire NetZero App trial findings to the entire LTE network unveiled the potential for significant annual savings, underscoring the impact of the initiative. Based on the gained insights, Moldcell decided to deploy Aspire NetZero App across the entire LTE network. This will not only lead to savings but also pave the way for a more sustainable network infrastructure in the future with the planned expansion of 5G, which is also supported by Aspire NetZero App. Aspire is grateful for the opportunity to lead sustainable practices within Moldcell’s network and looks forward to starting the deployment.