, Impressions from the MWC 2024

Impressions from the MWC 2024

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 has come to a close, leaving behind a flurry of discussions, showcases, and insights into the future of telecommunications. As the dust settles on yet another successful event, it’s evident that the pursuit of a 5G monetization silver bullet continues to be the focal point for businesses across the globe, supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

This year’s MWC conference witnessed unprecedented growth, with over 101,000 attendees, and 2,700 exhibitors, sponsors, and partners hailing from 205 countries. The event saw a remarkable 26% increase in adjacent industries in attendance, indicating the growing relevance of telecommunications in various sectors. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) permeated every aspect of the conference, with Generative AI emerging as a significant focal point. The integration of AI technologies into telecommunications promises to revolutionize the whole ecosystem, including network services for customer centric optimization, predictive maintenance, service assurance. 

Open RAN (Radio Access Network) was still one of the prominent recurring industry topics. Industry giants such as Ericsson, Intel, and the usual suspects were at the centre of the discussion on Open RAN acceleration initiatives during this year’s MWC, underscoring the importance of open and interoperable networks in the 5G era. 

Private networks continued as a theme from last year, highlighting the growing demand for tailored telecommunications solutions to meet specific industry’s needs. While operators keep promoting their value proposition, other companies are seeking turnkey solutions accompanied by expert consulting services and support for private network strategy development and deployment. 

Businesses are acutely aware that the key to industry dominance lies in the ability to embed monetization into 5G solutions and services. However, as discussions at MWC revealed, there is no one-size-fits-all solution or silver bullet for achieving this goal. Despite the excitement surrounding technological advancements, the overarching challenge of 5G use case monetization loomed large over the event. While vendors showcased innovative applications such as robots and electric cars, solid 5G monetization strategies remain to be proven. 

In addition to 5G monetization, the consolidation of EU operators and the emergence of new business models for tower companies were significant talking points at the event. Despite the flurry of activity, there were no groundbreaking success stories to report just yet. 

Aspire was again this year at MWC alongside NEC, showcasing diverse expert and software-led network solutions focused on Energy Efficiency & Optimizing OpEx, Optimizing CapEx & New Technology Introduction, Network Rollout & Optimization, E2E Service Assurance, Proactive O&M for predictive maintenance, and Telco Cloud & Core Network Solutions 

We had demos to show, targeting both existing and potential partners, that not only impressed attendees but also opened the door for deeper post-event engagements which we look forward to developing into valued relationships during 2024. 

Aspire was also part of the VMware TECHCOnnect Innovation Showcase event pre and during MWC, which spotlighted successful multi-vendor use cases that are driving significant change in the Core, RAN, RIC, and Edge. Aspire’s AI Powered Component Defect Detection was judged by industry-leading analysts and service providers as a winner in the Use Case Monetization category. We are grateful that once again we co-innovated with Ecosystem Partners in Core, RAN, and RIC advancements and are eagerly expecting future opportunities. 

As we reflect on our impressions and the highlights of MWC 2024, it’s evident that the industry’s quest for a 5G monetization silver bullet is far from over, the Open RAN technology is still in its early stages and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still being used only as an added intelligence layer to the existing network infrastructure and use cases 

While these challenges persist, the operators will have to rely on solid, specialized expert support to achieve success in their digital transformation journeys. We are thankful to all our clients and partners for the collaborative spirit and partnership showcased at the MWC event which offers hope for a future where telecommunication ecosystem partners seamlessly integrate diverse technologies, driving mutual growth and prosperity on a global scale.